TRIGOcare International GmbH


New, unique and effective combination: 

Diagnoses & Management of the feet for patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of pratice.   (Martin H. Fischer)






Complete solution for:


Effective treatment and management of pathological dry  Diabetic Foot (neuropad test abnormal)


Prevention and foot care for patients with Diabetes Mellitus


Highly user friendly (comfortable in use – 86%, absorbed quickly by the skin – 88%, doesn’t feel fatty – 91%)


A significant beneficial effect was noticeable as early as after 7 treatment days


Effect was enhanced after further 7 treatment days


Paraffin-, Vaseline-, Lanolin-free: non-comedogenic



Unique combination with 5 active ingredients plus Urea. Covers all aspects for the need of neuropathic skin.